Speak less Say more

A place where when one person speaks others listen.

5 & 15 Minute Speaking Formats

"A way to allow people to express their views within a limited timeframe about a single topic."

Anybody who has something important to say and who can deliver their message in a clear and confident voice, should have the have the opportunity to speak before an audience that gives their address their undivided attention, and their message full and fair consideration.

The message should focus on a single issue. It could be an idea about how to improve life in some way. Or, it could be about the core idea of a certain book. It should not be a subject, but a topic. For example, Buddhism is considered a subject. A topic might be 'Non-violence as envisioned when Buddhism was founded'. The well defined idea should be delivered to an audience within the allotted time slot. Time slots are either 5 or 15 minutes.

This organization seeks to shift away from only giving well known, well educated, or experienced speakers an outlet to be heard. The aim is to encourage regular people, regular people caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and enshrine their right to contribute to the public debate, to speak, and to be heard by a thoughtful audience. Not all presenters are necessarily good orators, but some certainly could have good ideas. This effort seeks to tap that reservoir!

All of the 5 & 15 events in this section are currently fictitious. This is because it is in a developmental phase. With time it will grow, and develop its own character.

How it Works

This is how it works.


What You Can Do

This is how you can participate or get involved.